About Triumvira

Triumvira Immunologics is a biotechnology company developing a novel platform for engineering T cells to attack cancers.  In order to do this, we, like others, remove white blood cells from patients, use genetic engineering to direct T cells, which are an important component of the immune system, to recognize a protein found on the surface of certain cancer cells.  We then expand these reprogrammed T cells so they can be administered back to the patient, where they will find the cancer cells and kill them.  We believe our innovative and proprietary technology, called the T cell-Antigen Coupler (or TAC), possesses advantages over other approaches because of the nature of the TAC construct.

Triumvira has licensed the TAC technology from the laboratory of Jonathan Bramson, PhD, of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and we are currently supporting a broad research effort in Dr. Bramson’s lab. Our team is continuing to explore the biology and potential of TAC-T cells, developing TACs against a variety of cancer targets, and scaling up the manufacturing process. Our goal is to begin human testing of TAC T cells by the end of 2017. Our team and our network of academic and industry consultants brings broad industry experience and deep scientific understanding to the TAC program.



Using TAC Technology to Attack Cancer Cells

At Triumvira Immunologics, we are reprogramming the immune system to attack cancer cells. In order to do this, we use genetic engineering to redirect T cells, an important component of the immune system, to recognize proteins found on the surface of cancer cells.  We use T cells taken from a patient, engineer them to express our T cell-Antigen Coupler (TAC), then expand them and then administer the modified cells back to patients, where they will find the cancer cells and kill them. Triumvira’s TACs are a completely novel and innovative approach to reprogramming T cells, which we believe offer important advantages over the approach taken by other companies.