Board Of Directors

Brian Bloom (Chairman)

Founder and President, Bloom Burton & Co.

Brian Bloom is a co-founder of Bloom Burton & Co. and serves as the firm’s President and Head of Institutional Sales. By forging unique relationships with international healthcare-specialized investors, Brian raises capital for Canadian healthcare companies while helping investors realize returns.

Brian is a member of the Life Sciences Advisory Board at the National Research Council of Canada and also serves on the Board of Directors at BIOTECanada, the Baycrest Foundation. Brian is also the Chairman of the Board of Triumvira Immunologics and Appili Therapeutics and on the Board of Directors of Grey Wolf Animal Health and Qing Bile Therapeutics.

Before co-founding Bloom Burton in 2008, Brian spent six years at Dundee Securities in the healthcare and biotechnology institutional sales and equity research groups. Brian started his career at New York-based investment banking firms SCO Financial Group and Molecular Securities. Brian received an Honors Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from McMaster University and subsequently studied at the Mount Sinai Graduate School for Biological Sciences of New York University, with a focus in molecular endocrinology and biophysics.

John Holyoake

John Holyoake, DPhil

Vice President, Bloom Burton & Co.

John Holyoake is a Vice President at Bloom Burton & Co., where he focuses on scientific due diligence and operations support for early-stage companies.  He was deeply involved in the creation of Triumvira and served as its founding President.  John has a background in biochemistry and before joining Bloom Burton, worked at the biotech company TenX Biopharma and at SHI Link, a life science consultancy. He earned a Masters in Biochemistry and a DPhil from the University of Oxford studying computational biochemistry. John also serves on the Board of Appili Therapeutics, a Halifax-based anti-infectives company.

Jonathan Bramson, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Triumvira Immunologics
Professor, Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine McMaster University

Jonathan is a founding scientist of Triumvira.  He is a Professor in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine and the Assistant Dean, Research Infrastructure of the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario  He holds a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Translational Cancer Immunology and the John Bienestock Chair in Molecular Medicine. Jonathan also founded and served as the inaugural Director of the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing at McMaster University (BEAM), which is an international joint venture with the Fraunhofer Society of Germany.  Situated in Hamilton, BEAM is focused on commercialization of promising technologies in the areas of diagnostics, cell therapies and biomaterials.  Previously, he was the Director of the McMaster Immunology Research Centre, home to 12 independent faculty members and 131 research staff members including trainees.     Jonathan has been conducting basic research in immuno-oncology for over 20 years, and his lab has been focused on engineered T cells since 2010.  Jonathan earned a BSc in biochemistry and PhD in Experimental Medicine from McGill University.

Gay Yuyitung, PhD (Observer)

Executive Director, Industry Liaison Office, McMaster University

Gay Yuyitung is the Executive Director at McMaster University’s Industry Liaison Office; this office supports faculty and staff at McMaster and the affiliated hospitals in working with industry for sponsored research contracts and in the commercialization of their research. She has experience in negotiating license agreements to transfer technology from the university to both large multinationals as well as small and medium sized enterprises. Gay has also sat on the board and provided management support for several McMaster start-up companies, and assisted with obtaining further government grants to support commercialization, as well as angel or venture capital investment. Prior to joining MILO, she has had experience with marketing at MDS Nordion and Eli Lilly. Gay earned a PhD in chemistry from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from McMaster University.


Using TAC Technology to Attack Cancer Cells

At Triumvira Immunologics, we are reprogramming the immune system to attack cancer cells. In order to do this, we use genetic engineering to redirect T cells, an important component of the immune system, to recognize proteins found on the surface of cancer cells.  We use T cells taken from a patient, engineer them to express our T cell-Antigen Coupler (TAC), then expand them and then administer the modified cells back to patients, where they will find the cancer cells and kill them. Triumvira’s TACs are a completely novel and innovative approach to reprogramming T cells, which we believe offer important advantages over the approach taken by other companies.